our program is fresh and uncomplicated, getting back to the pureness of dance for kids.


The heart of dance teaching is THE KIDS and the JOY OF MOVEMENT! 

  • We recognize most children are not training to be professional dancers at age 3 or elementary age! At a young age, kids want to have fun, learn with their friends, and dance around! This understanding is at the forefront of our lesson plans. Professional instruction without sacrificing the JOY!

  • Therefore, we do not stress perfection while learning new steps. We applaud kids for trying, exploring. and discovering! We create a positive nurturing environment that is non-competitive and builds kids' self-confidence through encouraging words, applause, and a gentle approach. Our goal is to always be uplifting, never to tear a child down. Each child is a gift!

  • We have a specially-designed curriculum for each age group created by Ms. West, who has a Bachelors degree in Dance Performance from Jacksonville University. Our curriculum, which is also inspired by the National Standards for Dance, teaches the technical and artistic concepts of each dance style.

  • Teachers develop excellence and proper technique in a manner that fosters the child's love for dance AND treasures the child.

  • Our dance education approach is caring for the whole child. We take the opportunity to build life skills in our students during class time, such as working with others, making decisions, problem-solving, sharing and listening, and especially developing a positive
    self-image. Being a part of our program is much more than coming for a weekly dance class.

  • The music we dance to, the moves we teach, and the recital costumes are all appropriate for kids.



  • We want joining a dance class to be as easy as possible; therefore, we don't require you to buy the traditional dance clothes like expensive shoes, a certain color of leotard with a specific color of tights in order to participate.

  • In fact, "proper" dance clothes are not required at all! Dancing with us is as easy as looking into your closet and finding something that's easy to move around in. We know that clothes don't make the dancer!

  • We have a mix of everything in our program. If you look into our dance rooms you will see some kids twirling in their school clothes and others in skirted leotards. It's up to you!

  • We Do Not require SHOES! Come barefooted or older students can wear their socks if they want.

  • Of course, if you have the typical dance clothes (leotards, tights, skirts) and/or shoes, you are more than welcome to wear them to class because that's fun too!


You pick your payment plan

  • West Active's payment options are unlike the typical
    dance studio.

  • Instead of requiring you to pay an entire semester up front,
    families can choose their tuition payment plan to make either 3-payments or 5-payments.

  • Our payment plan option allow families to enjoy the program without the financial strain of paying a full semester all at once. Less constricting. Less stressful.

  • We also offer a family discounts if you have more than one child in your immediate family enrolled.


Safety Safety

We follow specific procedures concerning who leaves with your child.

  • You create a list of "safe adults" and your child can only leave with people you trust.

  • Photo IDs are checked when necessary to make sure the names on your list match with the face.

  • Students are kept safe inside the classroom with their teacher until an authorized adult has arrived to sign them out.


keeping parents in the loop

  • We understand you have a lot on your plate, which is why we try to go above and beyond in our connections with parents - to keep you informed and feeling involved in your child's dance experience.

  • Our dance parents receive texts or automated phone calls with reminders about fun events coming up, such as our monthly in-class Show Times or important recital notes.

  • We notify you the day tuition is due by emailing your monthly tuition statement with a convenient link to pay online.

  • We also have an online "Parent Portal" for our dance parents where you can pay tuition online, view upcoming events like tuition due dates and Show Times, register for classes, or make changes to your student's information. With the Parent Portal, being informed is a click away, anywhere you are.



with a refreshing perspective! 

  • We don't believe recitals have to cost and arm and a leg in order to be fun and professional! We take out the fuss and stress and keep costs down for parents..

  • A payment plan can be set up for the Recital Fee, breaking it up into TWO PAYMENTS throughout the semester - the first part due at the beginning of January, and the second due by April 1st.

  • Shoes, Tights, and Makeup are NOT required. Each class will be matching in their beautiful class costume, and the rest is your choice. This takes the stress out by not making dancers wear something they don't like or that doesn't feel good. Since we don't require tights and shoes for dance class, we make these things optional for our recital too.

  • We focus on making sure the students have the best experience possible instead of emphasizing "performance perfection". To us, recital day is a CELEBRATION of your dancer's accomplishments with a fan club of family and friends to cheer her on!

  • To ensure the dancers feel confident and encouraged, their teacher will be with them on stage, guiding from the side.

  • Our West Active recitals are low-cost for parents, stress-free for kids, and create precious memories for all!