West Active’s payment options are not like a traditional dance studio. We do not require a full semester’s payment up front in order to participate (excludes special 8-week recital session, see below). Instead, we break it down so that tuition is due once a month. This month-by-month payment schedule allows families to enjoy the dance program without the financial strain of covering the entire semester at once. Also, we prorate tuition and the registration fee if you join mid-session so you are not charged for classes you haven't attended.  

Ways to make your monthly payments are:
1). Pay at class on the scheduled date by cash or check
2). Use our convenient ‘Parent Portal’ and pay online with credit/debit or PayPal
3). To lighten your load, you might prefer to sign up for automatic payments that are withdrawn monthly so you don't have to keep track of due dates. 


55-minute class: $47.00 per month/4 weeks

Kindergarten  -  6th grade

40-minute class: $42.00 per month/4 weeks

Ages 3 - 4 years

8-week wednesday session FEES:

SPECIAL NOTE: Tuition + Recital Fee are DUE IN FULL BY MARCH 20th, 1 week prior to start date, for this shorter session.

Dance Rainbow Total: $144.00
($84.00 for total tuition + $60.00 for recital fee)
Ballet/Jazz Total: $154.00
($94.00 for total tuition + $60.00 recital fee)
*See Recital Page for full recital fee details.

Registration Fee 

Non-refundable fee secures place in class. Due At time of registration.
Fee will be prorated if joining after session begins

$20 - per semester registration (August - December / January - May)
$10 - for 8-week 2019 recital session

FAMILY: (registering 2+ students within immediate family)
$30 - per semester registration (August - December / January - May)
$20 - for 8-week 2019 recital session

REGISTER ONLINE in the "Parent Portal" with credit/debit/or PayPal account. Online Registration Only. 


WINTER show - december

$20 - individual participation fee, due the first week of October
$10+ each additional child in family (2 children = $30 total, 3 children = $40 total, etc), due first week of October

SPRING Recital - may

Recitals don't have to cost an arm and a leg to be fun and professional! Our recitals are low-cost for parents, stress-free for kids! Please see RECITAL PAGE for more info. 


Family Discount: 15% off total tuition when you register two or more students within your immediate family. A savings of $50 - $70/semester. 

Friend Referral: Receive 1 Free Class when you sign up a friend! Have them mention your name at time of registration.

Semester Payment: $5 off total semester when you make a full semester tuition payment at the beginning of the semester.