kindergarten + 1st grade |. 2nd - 3rd grade

THURSDAYS 5:00 - 5:55p.m. | KINDERGARTEN + 1st GRADE | Ms. Meghann
THURSDAYS 6:00 - 6:55p.m. | 2nd - 3rd GRADE | Ms. Meghann

This exciting combo class unites the fun rhythms of Tap and the upbeat style of Jazz. The unique style of tap dance is like nothing else. Dancers can instantly become percussive musicians with the metal taps on their toes and heels. Through the patterns of Tap steps, students will develop coordination, musicality, and simply enjoy making some NOISE!  Dancers can also get some energy out while learning big Jazz jumps and turns to upbeat Jazz music. They will be taught how to properly warm up through stretches that will increase flexibility for high kicks and leaps. Movements will emphasize strong, crisp movements that are energetic. Class time will also include activities that develop the skill of improvisation (allowing dancers to create their own movements), which builds self-assurance and develops a well-rounded dancer.