KinDergarten - 3rd grade

Monday 4:30 - 5:25p.m. |  Kindergarten + 1st grade
Monday 6:00 - 6:55p.m. |  Grades 2nd + 3rd
Thursday 6:00 - 6:55p.m. | Grades 1st - 3rd

The unique style of tap dance is like nothing else! Dancers can instantly become percussive musicians with the metal taps on their toes and heels. Through the patterns of Tap steps, young students will develop coordination, musicality, and simply enjoy making some NOISE! Dancers will learn short combinations and steps across the floor in their special shoes. 
Dancers can also get some energy out while learning big jumps and turns to upbeat Jazz music. They will be taught how to properly warm up through stretches that will increase flexibility for high kicks and leaps. Class time will also include activities that develop the skill of improvisation (allowing dancers to create their own movements), which builds self-assurance and develops a well-rounded dancer. 
*Tap Shoes Required for this class. See Below.  


While all our other dance classes do not require shoes, our Tap Combo classes are the only ones that need a special shoe.
As we aim to make finding tap shoes as easy as possible for you, here are a few ways to acquire your shoes for this class:
1). Buy gently-used tap shoes through West Active for $10.00 - $12.00. Styles vary and limited sizes available. Email  
     info@westactive.org to ask us what we have!
2). Find gently-used tap shoes at Once Upon A Child, Goodwill, or summer garage sales! We do not require a specific style. 
     However, we suggest finding a tap shoe with a "non-skid rubber patch" under the top tap to prevent slips and falls. 
     *Please note that every brand has its own size chart. Even though it may say "size 10", it could actually fit like an 8. It is
      best to bring your dancer with you to try on, or bring one of her regular shoes with you to see if the soles match up
      could also help determine the fit. 

3). Buy brand-new at Payless for $27.00 (Tippecanoe mall). If they do not have your size, the store will order what you need
     and you can come pick it up. We recommend calling first to ask what is in stock. 
4). Buy brand-new at Target for $25.00 (shoes can be found in the girls department). We recommend calling first to ask what
     is in stock. 
5). Buy brand-new sold online:
     - Discount Dance Supply store at www.discountdance.com. Search “Child Velcro Tap Shoes” for $21.25 + shipping.
       This shoe has a comfortable padded heel collar to prevent rubbing and a Velcro strap for easy on and off (great for kids
       who are learning to tie). Or find several other styles and brands at this site like Bloch, Capezio, Theatricals.
       **Read sizing carefully. Some brands suggest to size up 1/2 - 2 sizes from your regular shoe size/street shoe.
     - Amazon offers several tap shoe options. Brands like Capezio and Bloch are quality brands.