fall dance classes start august 21 & 23!



3 - 4 years

Little ones can explore movement and the first steps of dance technique while using fun props like scarves and teddy bears. Our 3-4 year old classes are the perfect introduction to dance and group classes! 


AGE 4 yrs

Older preschoolers can discover a rainbow of different dance style: Ballet, Modern, and Jazz! This class gives them a chance to experience the graceful twirls of Ballet, fun Modern moves on the floor, and the upbeat jumps and leaps of Jazz dance! 


 GRADES K - 1st



GRADES 2nd - 3rd

A class for girls to enjoy the beauty and graceful style of Ballet, while also learning another very different and fun dance style. Younger girls, Kindergarten - 1st grade can explore the carefree and fun nature of Modern dance like sliding and spinning on the floor to rhythmic drum music. And older grade schoolers, 2nd-3rd, can soar through the air in big Jazz jumps and leaps! 


GRADES 4th - 6th

Older students can explore the exciting style of modern as they kick off their shoes to dance barefooted with fun drum music and slides and spins on the floor. They will also learn rhythmic combinations across the floor, including jumps and leaps. 


DancE CLASSES for CHILDREN in West Lafayette and Lafayette Indiana with West Active kids dance studio

Looking for a kids dance class like ballet, jazz, or tap? West Active was created in 2009 to provide an exciting and non-competitive dance environment for kids that offers more affordable payment options and an economical recital for budget-conscious families. We lessen the factors that limit kids from taking a dance class by simplifying payment options and cutting out the dress code policy. We know that kids sign up for dance class because they ENJOY dancing. Therefore, we focus on preserving that joy and excitement through our gentle teaching approach and a positive nurturing environment where kids can grow in self-confidence and express their uniqueness. We develop excellence and proper technique in dancers in a manner that fosters a child's love for dance and treasures the child. Through creative teaching methods like props, dance activities, and an abundance of encouraging words, we keep the FUN in dance! We make being a part of a dance class more achievable and more affordable (and therefore, more ENJOYABLE!) for your family! 

If you live near West Lafayette or Lafayette and you have a living-room leaper who loves to dance, come try West Active kids dance program! Classes are held at McAllister Recreation Center in Lafayette (see location).

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