age 4 years

THURSDAYS 4:30 - 5:10p.m. | Ms. Sara
WEDNESDAYS 4:30 - 5:10p.m. | 8-week session only | Ms. Lindsay

Little movers can discover a rainbow of the dance styles Ballet, Modern, and Jazz.  Students will learn the grace and strength of Ballet, enjoy the energetic style of Jazz, and expressive rhythms and drum beats of Modern.  A step up from "Creative Movement" class, this class is just for 4 year olds, who are developmentally ready for a little more technique. They will begin to link more steps together for short dances, develop coordination, and the poise of a dancer's posture. Special dance games, activities, and songs similar to the Creative Movement class will continue to make learning new movement especially fun for these curious preschoolers! Class time will be divided between learning the beginning steps of each dance technique. Dance Rainbow gives little movers a taste of each dance style, as well as builds a foundation for future dance classes. 

The adult who takes a 3-4 year old to class is required to stay in our waiting area in the hallway during the 40-minute class to be available for your little on should they need assistance going to the restroom, etc. Thank you!