2nd - 3rd grade

THURSDAYS 5:00 - 5:55p.m. | Ms. Jennie and Ms. Meghann

Students will learn the fundamental steps of Ballet and Jazz dance in this combination class. Ballet, the foundation of other dance techniques, is beautiful with its smooth flowing form and admired by many. Through ballet positions and exercises at the ballet barre, and across the floor combinations, students will develop grace, poise, musicality, and proper body alignment that helps them in all other areas of dance. Dancers can also get some energy out while learning big jumps and turns to upbeat Jazz music. They will be taught how to properly warm up through stretches that will increase flexibility for high kicks and leaps. Movements will emphasize strong, crisp movements that are energetic. Class time will also include activities that develop the skill of improvisation (allowing dancers to create their own movements), which builds self-assurance and develops a well-rounded dancer.